Bonded Mash Madness!

Fellow Crusaders, it is approaching that particular time of year where we all go a little crazy over college basketball. In that spirit, we’ve created a little challenge to pit bottled-in-bond bourbons against one another in a tournament of champions. So as to not ruin the surprise, and allow you to try it for yourself…

1792 Ridgemont Reseve and Knob Creek Single Barrel Store Select vs. Retail

Having recently been very impressed by a couple store-selected single barrel bourbons (in particular a Kroger 1792 and a Liquor Barn Russel’s Reserve), I thought it would be interesting to see what difference there is in a name. Specifically, the name of someone’s store on a bottle. I’ve often placated myself that master distillers would always…

Bourbon Limbo

Listen Here: Bourbon Limbo Minicast Here it is, Bourbon Limbo! We took 5 of the scariest Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskies we could find on the shelf and put them to the test. OK, so we cheated a little and went with the higher proof expressions if they were available. We did this tasting blind, so if…

Bowman Brothers Tasting Minicast

Hello loyal listeners! As promised we did a tasting of some Bowman Brothers offerings. Herein we talk about the Small Batch, Single Barrel, and Double Barrel versions. All great stuff, but give it a listen for our full opinions. We’re joined this time by guest taster Anne Davis! Bowman Brothers tasting here!

Smooth Ambler Tasting Minicast

Below freezing weather and long week got you down? Cheer up with our tasting of some Smooth Ambler products. These guys are NDP’s in Maxwelton, WV who don’t hide the fact that they purchase delicious barrels to pass them on to the consumer. Everything I’ve had from them has been pretty impressive, but the single…

Spring has sprung!

The mint finally started coming up in the garden, and that can only mean one thing: the first mint julep of the season! Minicast tasting of Smooth Ambler single barrel and 10 year releases coming soon to the cast! Cheers!

How we taste bourbon

Our first foray into a new medium! See our ugly mugs go through how we taste bourbon, as requested by a loyal listener. We know we’re behind our usual date for releasing a new podcast, but we’re working on it, we promise. In the meantime enjoy this and GO CATS! How we taste bourbon

Angel’s Envy Tasting Mini-Cast

Hey guys, sorry for the delay, but as promised here is a mini-cast of Chris and guest co-host Alicia tasting and waxing Quixotic about the Angel’s Envy line! Also, by absconded we didn’t mean stole, but rather took our tastings back to somewhere quiet we could record. For those of you with short attention spans…

A Bonus Tasting!

What is called bourbon, but isn’t legally boubon, and is an oxymoronic sin? Find out this weekend with a mini-cast tasting of 4 of this brand’s offerings with guest co-host Alicia! Leave your guesses in the comments!