Recipes and links

Chris’ Old Fashioned:

Place 1 sugar cube in an old fashioned glass (go figure), 4 drops angostura bitters, one thick slice of orange without rind, splash of bourbon, and splash of water – muddle to combine

Add two maraschino cherries, fill with crushed ice, add 2 oz. of your favorite bourbon (I also like rye whiskey)

Heat retained orange rind with lighter/match and flame zest on to surface of drink, drop in and enjoy!

Darren’s Old Fashioned:

1 – 2 sugar cubes, depending on how sweet you like it, put them into a paper towel, dash on the bitters until they are completely colored by them (they will only hold so much, i.e., a perfect repeatable measured amount)

Add a splash of warm water to an empty rocks glass, add the sugar cube bitters combo, muddle until dissolved, add 1.5 oz of bourbon and ice of choice


Bourbon classic:

Bourbon and Bacon Festival:

Kentucky Bourbon Festival:

The Old Fashioned by Albert Schmid:


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