Podcast #4: From water to water of life

BIB lineup

Hurray, finally! It’s podcast #4. Only took us twice as long as last time. We had some technical difficulties with Skype so please excuse any audio glitches, we tried to fix them. I suppose I should just marvel at the fact that I can video chat with someone 100s of miles away rather than yell futilely at the computer screen. If you’d like me to put up text reviews of the BIBs, let me know. Enjoy, cheers! 


Listen to the cast here!:  Bottom of the Barrel Podcast #4 


What we tasted: 

Kentucky Tavern BIB

Very Old Barton 6 Year BIB

Old Fitzgerald BIB

J.W. Dant BIB

Old Grand Dad BIB

Heaven Hill 6 Year BIB

Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel BIB

Bonus: Rittenhouse Rye BIB


Drink recipes from the show:

Buffalo (Bufala) Negra

3-4 basil leaves

teaspoon balsamic vinegar (this is like your bitters)

½ oz simple syrup (brown sugar makes this interesting)


Fill glass with ice, preferably crushed, and top with :

1.5 – 2oz bourbon (Buffalo Trace is my go to here)

and 1.5-2 oz Ale81, or ginger beer/ale


Chris’ Mint Julep – for derby season

4 mint leaves, preferably chocolate mint (or mint simple syrup for parties)

½ oz simple syrup

splash warm water, splash bourbon


fill with crushed ice

top with 2 oz bourbon (I use BT)

garnish with slapped mint sprig


If you wanna get crazy you can make an orange mint julep by muddling orange and two

splashes orange bitters then follow the above instructions, garnish with both mint

and flamed orange zest


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