Cheers to 2K!


We did it! OK, so actually we’re at more like 2200 thanks to you awesome listeners, but I’ve been too swamped to post. This cast is so much fun for us and we’re glad to have people to share it with! To celebrate, this weekend I will post our interview with Chris Evans of Bluegrass Tavern and hopefully make our first cocktail how-to video for YouTube! As always, if you have any suggestions or ideas for us, let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page. Sláinte!


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  1. Dolphsett says:

    Really enjoying your podcast! I’m new to bourbon drinking and have been sampling the bottom shelf the past few months. I’m still just a bourbon and Coke (Zero) guy — can’t get the taste for bourbon neat yet, but I may get there. I’ve tried 18 brands thus far — pretty rapid rate, I know. I’m 49 and never really drank, so I’m consolidating lost time.
    Listened to all of your podcasts so far, and in venturing back to your first, was surprised you both highly recommended Kentucky Tavern. That’s the only one I’ve tried so far that I actually poured out. I like Very Old Barton 86 (was my first bottle) and thought I’d also enjoy KT, but when drinking it with my Coke Zero, it turned to rubbing alcohol. Nasty. Ruined my bourbon drinking for that night.
    It’s certainly possible I picked up a bad bottle — I did purchase it at Rite Aid pharmacy, so maybe it was intended for the first aid section. I get a headache just recalling how bad it was. Ugh.
    Again, I really appreciate your podcast and hope you continue, and at a more rapid rate!

    1. cmlough says:

      Thanks for listening! Sorry you didn’t Iike the KT. I drink mine with coke zero as well and enjoy it. Of course it could be just nostalgia, or the fact I know the bottle was only 8 bucks. That’s the great thing about bourbon though, everyone has a unique experience based on their tastes. Have you tried making a BLIT yet?

      1. dolphsett says:

        I will have to try the BLIT this weekend. I did attempt a Manhattan recently and found is disturbing. The fruit killed the bourbon taste in the glass, leaving just strong alcohol. I’ll stick with Coke Zero — or Diet Pepsi, which I’ve mixed Jim Beam Rye (my first rye) with and am enjoying now. Whiskey and bourbon are quite diverse.
        Thanks for taking time to reply, and I hope to hear another podcast…soon?!? Know that anytime you bottom-dwell, I’ll be all ears.

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