Thank you! 5K Visitors!

Today we reached 5,000 visitors to the site! Thank you so much fellow Bourbon Evangelists! We know we aren’t the best at updating, but we really do try to put out quality content that gives listeners something a little different. We appreciate you all giving us a reason to drink more bourbon and research it way more than we probably should!

We are still in the works for our live tasting event, so details will come for that as soon as we get them. We’re also planning to do some merchandise for that event and possibly a single barrel pick. If you have any thoughts on a glass design, let us know in the comments!



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  1. Ryan says:

    Single barrel pick? Does that mean you are picking a barrel and selling some bottles? That would be excellent!

    1. cmlough says:

      That’s the plan. We’re working with a local store, and as long as his paperwork comes out OK, we plan to do a live tasting of some premium Beam products and have a Knob Creek Single Barrel Select. We planned to do it this fall, but things got delayed. You’ll know as soon as we do.

      1. Ryan says:

        Very cool! Hopefully for listeners like myself who don’t live in Kentucky, could get the bottles shipped to them. I love Knob Creek Single Barrel. So I’m for sure interested.

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