Around the Barrel #3: The Bourbon Classic

Fellow Bourbon Crusaders, you’ve been hearing about it for months, and now we finally get to tell you about it: The Bourbon Classic! It was a whirlwind of a week, but we couldn’t imagine having much more fun. In this ATB, we talk about the highlights of our experience at a slew of distilleries as well as the event itself. We have some news, as always, and a special dedication to Leonard Nimoy with our Pon Farr shot. Our individual distillery pieces will keep rolling out over the next few weeks, along with more pictures, so look for those on the blog site.

Our BBB Rating for the week was easily a 5 Barrel Unicorn, so we hope to see y’all there next year!

Listen to the cast here: Around the Barrel #3: The Bourbon Classic and enjoy some of our favorite moments from the Classic in the gallery below.

Special thanks to Andrea Parr, FSA Management Group; Larry from Mint Julep Tours, the guys from the Bourbon Review, and of course the Buss Club for letting us have an unreasonable amount of fun. Cheers!

P.S. In case you just need a quick fix of either our distillery visits or the Bourbon Classic experience itself, here are the time-stamps:

Distilleries – 16:15

Bourbon Classic – 46:22


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