Bonded Mash Madness Results!

Fellow Crusaders, the NCAA Basketball Championship is upon us tonight. I have no idea who the two teams playing in it are though. So since the championship game is a letdown, I figured it would be a good night to announce the champion of our Bonded Mash Madness! Darren and I both did the entire tournament blind and compared ratings only after each game. We agreed on all but the final game. The real surprise was how close things got towards the end. By the semifinals, our scores were all within 0.5 for each game. As we suspected, purchasing a Bottled-in-Bond bourbon means you’re going to get something worth drinking. We had a lot of fun doing this, and we would love to see your results!

Bourbon Battle Royale Results

If you don’t feel like clicking, the winner was Kentucky Tavern BIB! It was literally by a nose, as I preferred KT and Darren preferred the VOB. Our scores evened out exactly, and upon further examination, we crowned KT the winner by a nose. Literally by the butterscotchy and delicious nose. Cheers!


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