Around the Barrel #6

So we have risen like the proverbial phoenix and are back with a podcast just for you, our loyal Crusaders. A little something to brighten your Friday commute. On this cast we do a tasting of some fantastic Knobs…(Knob Creek Single Barrels) and talk about some of the happenings since we last recorded. We hope you enjoy and that we come back with full force, fist shaking bourbon entertainment! Cheers!

Darren and Chris

Downloadable link: Around the Barrel #6


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  1. ssdig says:

    Glad you guys are back. OK Chris, I’ve got a trip planned to Miami later this month. What are some good liquor store stops to hit for my drive from Charlotte, NC to Miami? Any unicorns to be found along I-95?
    Some more info on whiskey trading would be appreciated… web sites etc…
    Thanks as always guys…

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