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Links to our previous casts! Cheers!

Around the Barrel #6:

Downloadable Link: ATB #6

The Grand Podcast: Brought to you from the halls of the Bourbon Classic

Around the Barrel #5: Great American Whiskey Fair ’15 and a non-bourbon tasting

Around the Barrel #4: Accelerated aging techniques and a Beam small batch tasting

Interview with Albert W. A. Schmid

Around the Barrel #3: The Bourbon Classic 2015

Around the Barrel #2

Around the Barrel #1

Podcast #6: Prohibition Part 1

Podcast #5: Bourbon Chemistry and Rye Whiskey Tasting

Podcast #4: From Water to Water of Life, The Art of Distillation

Podcast #3: What About the Beams and Non-traditional Bourbon Cocktail Off

Podcast #2

Podcast #1: What Makes Bourbon Bourbon

OFBB 2014, 4R Limited Edition Small Batch 2014, and Maker’s Mark Cask Strength Tasting

Interview with Chris Evans of Bluegrass Tavern

Bourbon Limbo: A tasting of the least expensive Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskies we could muster!

Bowman Brothers Tasting

The Great Bourbon n’ Coke Throwdown

Smooth Ambler Tasting

How We Taste Bourbon Video

Angel’s Envy Tasting

9 Comments Add yours

  1. moebimoebi says:

    Looks like Podcast #2 is not accessible currently…

    1. cmlough says:

      We’ve been having that problem on iTunes too. Thanks for the heads up, we’ll see if we can get it fixed up!

  2. Michael McKenna says:

    Hey guys. Just came across your amazing podcasts. Really really lovin your work and hope you guys keep it up. I’m from Liverpool, England and its a struggle to get good bourbon in our supermarkets. But because your review bourbons I’ve been ordering better ones.

    Once again thanks.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Chris says:

      Thanks, Michael! That is exactly what we set out to do with this. Glad you are finding it helpful. Hope you are getting to try some good stuff over there. Keep on listening and check out our coverage of the Bourbon Classic which will be rolling out over the next week.


  3. Daren T says:

    Love your podcasts! My only gripe is the extremely long wait for new podcasts. Please guys I beg of you , I check for new episodes every day! But other than that I love you guy’s work. Also for future tests could you guys do some live reviews on some buffalo trace ( I know Chris loves this stuff lol) allocated products (i.e. Rock hill farms, Elmer, Weller 12 etc). Thanks guys!

    1. So this might be the longest delayed reply ever! Sorry! We are, good news, recording the next Around the Barrel podcast tonight! Look for it to be posted in the next few days. Thanks for listening!

  4. Daren T says:


    1. New Around the Barrel cast is up!

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