Introducing the Most Geographically Complicated Bourbon: J.R. Revelry


Coming out soon in NYC, this is the most geographically complicated bourbon I’ve yet to come across. Owned by the Hispanic company La Bodega Internacional in Atlanta, GA, this is bourbon is produced at MGP in Indiana, shipped to Nashville, TN for bottling and then will have its first release in New York. Confused yet? The website repeatedly assures you that the whiskey is “100% Made in the U.S.A.”, which is somewhat humorous as it has to be in order to have the legal name ‘bourbon’. While I don’t predict this will be a particularly special bourbon, I had to post about it due to it’s comically convoluted origin. That said, kudos to them for being open about their distillation and operation. Also hat’s off to helping someone achieve the American Dream with the American Spirit.


Press Release

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