Jim Beam Bottled In Bond to Be Released February



First announced by Bourbon Blog, and later confirmed by Whisky Advocate, Jim Beam will be releasing a Bottled-in-Bond expression this February. Four years old and with an MSRP of $22.99, the release party will be at Bourbon’s Bistro February 9th in Louisville if you’re interested. When asked why bring back a bonded expression now, Fred Noe replied:

“It came from bartenders wanting bottled in bond, people digging up old recipes calling for bottled in bond,” Fred said. “Hell, that’s an easy hit for us; just do what we used to do. It’s not that hard to develop: 4 years old, one season, one distillery, 100 proof. We age pretty much everything 4 years already, just a matter of designing the package. It’s been well-received, they’re excited to get hold of it.”

We at BOTB love our BIB bourbons, so cheers to you Fred Noe! This might be enough to make me try a product with “Beam” on the label again.

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