Bourbon Classic Fashion Review

Last weekend one of the biggest bourbon events of the year took place: the Bourbon Classic. Held in Louisville, KY every year it is a weekend full of bourbon related cocktails, food, classes, speakers and, of course, plenty of straight bourbon as well. All the “big names” of bourbon are in attendance along with a generous handful of notable chefs and local personalities.  The only thing that the Bourbon Classic is lacking is a dress code. I searched their website and event information and couldn’t find a single indication of what to wear. When I asked them, they said “Not black tie unless you feel like getting dressed up” but otherwise wear whatever you want. Well, that certainly leaves things open to interpretation! After speaking with several other women in similar quandaries about what to wear I decided that the only thing to do is to do a Fashion Review of this year’s Bourbon Classic. At least next year’s attendees will be able to get a glimpse of what was worn this year to help plan their 2016 ensembles.

Bourbon Classic Taste –  Tuesday Feb 17

From the Barrel to the Bar: Bourbon Classic Cocktail Challenge – Friday Feb 20 (coming soon!)

Bourbon Classic: The Ultimate Bourbon Experience – Saturday Feb 21 (coming soon!)



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