Town and Branch Releases Single Barrel (Distillery Exclusive)

We had the chance to try some of the single barrel at Town and Branch this past week, and weren’t very impressed. Tasting it next to the regular offering, our group was in relative agreement that the Town and Branch is Old Grand Dad stock from Beam, and the single barrel is a from Heaven Hill. “But wait,” you say, “I thought they had big pot stills and were distilling in downtown Lexington, right?” Well, they do have some nice pot stills and are certainly distilling something, but it isn’t aging anywhere on premises, and it doesn’t seem to be in any of the bottles yet. Neither of the bourbons they offer are bad by any means, but they will seem very familiar to other less expensive offerings in stores now. We look forward to the release of their own distillates in a few years!

That said, the rye IPA was delicious. I think this is the best release from Alltech since the Pumpkin Barrel Ale. Save your money on the single barrel for now, and go get yourself a 4-pack of the beer.

Press release:

Kentucky Rye Barrel IPA seasonal and limited edition single barrel Town Branch® Bourbon flow into market

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